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Wood Fiber Acoustic Panels 1200x600x15

Why Don't You Try These If You Are Looking for New Acoustic Materials

Wood fiber acoustic panels are a new type of green building material. Not only can they meet your needs of sound-absorbing but also they are environmental friendly.

Our wood fiber acoustic panels are made of wood fiber and minerals, which are treated under high temperature and high pressure. Before the compression molding, the cements and minerals penetrated evenly into wood fibers, which not only bond the wood fibers together but also serve as good protection. Thus, the natural comfortable sensation of timber can be kept after treatment. 

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With countless pores inside, they are environmental friendly with excellent sound absorption, heat insulation, and thermal insulation performance. They can be painted repeatedly with a variety of colors.

They can be used to keep the indoor environment pure and fresh. Whether in public places or home decoration, there has been increasing interest in the use of sound-absorbing materials to reduce noise, such as in the decoration of home theaters, piano rooms, audio rooms, cinemas, theaters, conference rooms, gymnasiums, KTV rooms, hotel lobbies and other multifunctional rooms.

The technical specifications are:

    * Dimensions:600*600,600*1200,1200*1200,1200*2400mm
    * Thickness:10/15/20mm
    * Fireproof:Class B1
    * Eco-friendly:Class E1

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*CE Certificate: EN13986:2004 Class E0,E1

*China NFTC: GB8624-2006 Class A1,A2,B1

*ISO 9001: 2008


*2008 China Building Materials Enterprises Top 100 Evaluation Campaign Recommended "Leading Brand

*2009 China Building Materials "Most Trusted Brand"

*2010 Shanghai World Expo Business Card "Recommended Enterprise"

*Council Member of Guangdong Decoration Materials Association